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The products we sell are the safest & easiest to use for wooden and composite boat building including:

 Everything you need to:
or RESTORE your Boat


About Drive Marine

DRIVE Marine Services is the BoatCraft Pacific Distributor in the greater Sydney area, Country NSW and ACT. We also provide a mail order service in other states for select customers. BoatCraft Pacific is an Australian owned company which manufactures all of its products locally using the safest modern technology products available. At DRIVE Marine Services we have adopted this philosophy and fully support using the safest and most environmentally responsible products and techniques available to the customer and wherever possible will source our products from Australian or New Zealand owned companies.

Our Aim

At DRIVE Marine Services we place emphasis on customer service and on being a “One Stop Shop for the Amateur & Professional Boatbuilder” who want to use quality products.   

Our aim is to provide you with good quality products at a reasonable price.  In addition to this:

  • Product support on how to use the products including tips & techniques for your project. 
  • Accounts with the major Importers / wholesalers and are happy to source all of your requirements.
  • We are proud to say we can compete on price with the major Hardware Stores.  If not stocked, it is because we have not sourced the item, do not recommend it, or it is cheaper elsewhere and we will tell you and suggest you go to them.
  • We are also happy to do presentations for wood working groups such as Mens Sheds and sailing/boating clubs. Give us a call to arrange a session!

As BoatCraft Pacific traditionally marketed their products to the wooden boat builder and in the early days most of their sales were direct or through distributors which were mainly wooden boat builders, as a result BoteCote is not well known in the general marine or woodworking industries.  If you have a favorite chandlery or Hardware store; ask for our products & if not known, tell them the advantages of using modern technology products and suggest they contact us, as we are keen to have local stores stock your requirements.

DRIVE Marine Services
is actively promoting the product range at Boat Shows, wooden boat festivals and Woodworking exhibitions. Come to one and check out the advantages we have over other boat building and carpentry products. We are also happy to do presentations for wood working groups such as Mens Sheds and sailing/ boating clubs.

Our Team

Dave Giddings is the principle behind DRIVE Marine Services and has a wealth of knowledge in the field of Marine Engineering and mucking around with boats.  He has a great love of sailing and enjoys being on the water, whether it be racing, cruising, maintaining or adding to his pride and joy, "SYLVARA" (a CLANSMAN). 
Dave was in the Royal Australian Navy for 22 years starting out as an apprentice Fitter & Machinist which progressed through to Marine Engineer.  This led to gaining a passion for the sea and during shore service learned to sail.


His other past time is Scouting and he is a Venturer scout Leader.  When some canoes had to be repaired several years ago, he looked around for a safe and user friendly product to repair and paint them.  He was so impressed with the result and the ease of application of BOTE-COTE Marine Epoxy System and AQUACOTE that he continued to use the BoatCraft Product range and when the opportunity arose to Distribute the Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy System and associated Boatbuilding  products in the Sydney area, he jumped at it.

Now it is a matter of passing the word and showing Newcomers and Old Salts alike the merits of using the Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy System, and the associated safety factors over other epoxies available and the user and environmentally friendly products to carry out their boat building, repairs, restoration and maintenance tasks.

Dave has a strong belief in customer service, and we base our business on having extensive product knowledge and would prefer you ring us for advice, than to stuff up. We know all of the hiccups that can occur and it is a rare occasion that we are unable to solve an issue over the phone.  

Due to the high degree of marketing by our team we now have retail outlets and resellers in many areas of NSW.  Check out our Resellers List for the closest contact for product.

With rapid growth of DRIVE Marine Services through our personal service and follow on advice to customers, Scott works full time as the salesman, customer liaison officer, and whatever other role is dumped on him at the time.  He will usually be the one you talk to when you call or drop in.  He has developed extensive product knowledge through using all products or from all the time he's spent working out how to solve customers' problems.


  • We also have Michael, a great salesman with good product knowledge these days through stuff ups and a lot of time spent around Scott and Dave. He is also a bit of an entrepreneur with a business in teaching theory for up and coming pilots as he is a fully accredited flight instructor.


  • As we have grown the business we now have Brian on-board one day a week with the official title of Mr Projects/Professional mess maker.  Brian has constructed many of our recent display items and is a great asset to our business.  Brian is a wealth of knowledge and experience and I hope I will have done as much as him by the time I mature to his seniority.  He has built his own boats & sailed all over the South West Pacific & Caribbean, just to mention a few things.

  • Charlotte who is tweaking and adding to our websites and (sometimes) answering phones.
  • Joshua who has built his own boat which is shown in our Projects section. He is also our second Mr Projects.



More recently we have added two additional members to our team to help make things happen on a part time basis.

  • Young Jack joined the team through Dave 's volunteering as a venturer leader at the local Venturer Unit. He is a fast learner and was keen to help out with the buiding of our new website which you can visit at http://www.boatcraftnsw.com/

  • Steven recently joined the team to help out with the heavy work load, as business is picking up! As Scotts trusty sidekick, he is on a steep learning curve with products.

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