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AQUACOTE is BoatCraft Pacific’s range of technically advanced water based high build epoxy undercoat and polyurethane topcoats.  These highly durable coatings represent the newest technology available, offering leading edge protective coatings which set new standards in ease of use, environmental safety, and especially for protection of the health of applicators.

AQUACOTE Epoxy Undercoat
Water based high build sandable epoxy primer is easy to apply by brush, roller or spraying.  We have found rolling it on to be the most successful for majority of jobs, as it does not self level and tends to leave brush marks if brushed.  If proficient with a spray gun and the correct equipment is available, it sprays with good results.  Further details can be obtained from the link to the AQUACOTE Specifications & Procedures below.


The topcoat is a Water based two pack polyurethane available in clear, white, black and 16 colours (other colours will be provided on request with a mixing fee applied, provided you supply a colour swatch).  AQUACOTE is very tough and scratch resistant with very high UV resistance.  It takes approximately four days to fully cure and is so tough it can be buffed.   It is an advanced modern technology product designed and developed in Australia by Australians for Australian conditions. Therefore it is very different to apply to household enamels and solvent based polyurethanes.

To make customers experience with AQUACOTE easy and rewarding we have developed a comprehensive Tips Sheet which we provide with every kit of AQUACOTE we sell. If you read the factory directions and our Tips Sheet you cannot go wrong. Using Aquacote Topcoat is much safer and easy to use. The Clear System which is three coats of Bote Cote to seal the timber and then three coats of clear AQUACOTE for excellent UV resistance. Test pieces have been proven under test at Townsville on Test Panels which track the sun. The test panels had completed the equivalent of seven year's exposure with minimal loss of gloss in full sun which means the UV stabilisers are starting to die. 

The photo's to the right show two of our customers projects where AQUACOTE was used as part of the Clear System and in painting the hull.
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Display showroom done entirely in coloured Aquacote.


The graphic below shows the panel on the right undercoated with AQUACOTE Epoxy Primer and then sanded to 240 grit sand paper then coated with three coats of White AQUACOTE applied by Low Flock roller.   This will now provide many years of service in full sun without the worry of failure or re-coating, unless the surface is damaged.  The clear finish areas where finished the same way as described for the tiller and seat above.  The flooring sheets where also finished with Clear AQUACOTE and it provides an excellent flooring finish although it has no Non Skid capability.


steel yacht
The graphic to the left shows a steel yacht hull which has been abrasive blasted, sealed with two coats of BOTE-COTE Epoxy Resin, then the hull faired with BOTE-COTE Epoxy Resin thickened with sanding filler to peanut butter consistency then sanded.  AQUACOTE Epoxy Primer was then rolled onto the surface to protect it until the owner is ready to paint the hull with AQUACOTE Top Coat.
AQUACOTE as a WATER BASED alternative to varnish and estapol.

The clear version of Aquacote Topcoat can be applied direct to timber using the same techniques that you would use for applying varnish and estapol.  The only difference being that you do not need solvent or turps to wash out your brush or roller.  Aquacote Topcoat is solvent free and water is your thinners and clean up solution.  Each kit comes complete with detailed instructions and a Tips Sheet.  The Tips Sheet has been developed by the team at DRIVE Marine Services based on practical experience using AQUACOTE.

Aquacote Topcoat has the following advantages over solvent based polyurethanes, varnish & Estapols and other clear finishes available at Hardware Stores & Chandleries;

  • Australia's first and only real Water Based solvent free Clear finish for Australian conditions.
  • Clear top coat is a safe alternative to varnish or estapol for interior use (it contains no solvent).
  • Two Pack Topcoat which is extremely tough when cured.
  • Wash out and thin using water.
  • Long life as it has excellent UV resistance
  • No toxic and flammable solvents or turps required making it much safer to use in schools.
  • No waste as left over mixed Aquacote Topcoat can be returned to the container for later use.
  • Will not yellow off like varnish.
  • AQUACOTE can be economically freighted by POST or courier as there are no solvents.
  • Each kit comes with a comprehensive Tip Sheet.
  • Safe to use inside boats as there is no solvent and it gives off a very low odour.

bathroom door

Above - A new solid maple door coated with three coats of AQUACOTE and is used for a Bathroom.

Note:  Check the difference in the door colour which is a bright natural colour and the frame is aged varnish on maple.
AQUACOTE Clear - Floor Coating

AQUACOTE is an ideal product for clear finishing timber floors as it is much safer to use than solvent based paints and provides a tough and durable finish which will not yellow/discolour over many years.
Many coatings darken and fade rapidly near windows and doors leaving 'shadows'.

floor coating

sellway fisher edqardian steam launch
sellway fisher edqardian steam launch

Customer's Project
To view the superbly built Sellway Fisher Edwardian Steam Launch construction coated with Aquacote undercoate and topcoat.

guitar clear aquacote

Another Customer's Project
To view custom made musical instruments coated with clear Aquacote. CLICK HERE


More Information

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Miles Bore has built this unique vessel for use on lake Macquarie, NSW.
Miles used all materials supplied by DRIVE Marine Services from the Pacific Maple Plywood to the Bote-Cote Epoxy resin that holds her together to the Aquacote paint system to finish her off.

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12ft Runabout finished with Aquacote and Clear System

Customer Comments
" I found all your Aquacote products to be great and thanks for your help and information I got. Have been out in the water and goes great. I would love to support Aquacote."

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Spray Painting AQUACOTE

"All in all, I'm pretty happy with the result.  Spraying has less fear now than before - in fact, the big advantage is the speed - all over in 2 hours" more info
Ugly Duckling Boat Restoration using Aquacote

The Ugly Duckling was an abandoned fiberglass boat and Ralph sought our advice on whether it could be resurrected. Here is the result.
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