Caulking Tips



Video of the Maritime Museum Shipwright showing caulking technique.

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caulked seam



(Left) A caulked seam with caulking from thin side just protruding through

feeding oakum/cotton


(Left) Initially feed oakum or cotton into joint. Note: The lighter wooden mallet used to load the seam.

firmly packed with caulking hammer




(Two Feature Left)
The aim is to pack the oakum/cotton firmly without pushing excessively through the seam.

Note: The shipwright is now using a caulking hammer to compress the oakum into the seam.

firmly packing with caulking hammer

caulked deck



(Left) A classy example of a caulked deck and then Jeffries Marine Glue applied to seams. This Technique has been used for centuries to seal decks and keep the crew dry.
Used by: New Endeavour and James Creaig

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