A customer contacted me about using our Bote-Cote Epoxy system to repair a cracked brick wall in a city building. He is a builder and he was impressed with the ease of use and low toxicity of Bote Cote and Epox-E-Glue compared with the Epoxy specified in the repair procedure.

Cut Groove
Groove Deep
The first step was to cut a deep groove between each brick horizontally as the crack was opening up in the vertical plane.

The ground out groove needed to be deep enough to bury the tie bars in a substantial bed of Epox-E-Glue.
Wet Concrete
EpoxEGlue and tie bars

The next step was to glue in the tie bars.
First wet the concrete/bricks with a liberal coating of Bote Cote Epoxy Resin to thouroughly wet out the concrete and let it soak in and gel (Important to ensure Epox-E-Glue will not sag)

Next, screed in a liberal layer of Epox-E-Glue. (It is fully thixotropic and will not sag)
Then push the tie bar into the Epox-E-Glue.
Then spread the displaced glue over the tie bar to ensure it is buried within the Epox-E-Glue.
Epoxy Mortar

Mix an Epoxy mortar and screed over the ground out area or wait until dry and use a traditional concrete mortar to fill the repair. Once painted you will be the only one who will know there was a repair!

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