"Australia's economical and easy to use High Strength Adhesive for waterproof joints."

Epox-E-Glue is a high strength epoxy adhesive mixed in an equal volume 1:1 ratio for ease of handling.

Its features are:

  • Can be sent anywhere in Australia by post (no nasty chemicals)
  • Non-critical easy to use 1:1 ratio by volume – simply mix two equal scoops
  • Extended working life of 40 minutes
  • Full cure within 24 hours at temperatures above 10 deg C
  • Non-sagging thixotropic paste formulation easily fills large gaps
  • Bonds strongly to most substrates and is totally waterproof once cured
  • Glues oily timbers such a Teak (ask us for the technique)
  • Glues oxidising timber such as Eucalypts.
  • 100% Waterproof and can handle permanent submersion in salt water
    Hardening can be accelerated by heating as high as 80 degrees celsius.
  • In plastic containers which will not rust.

Epox-E-Glue Characteristics
Epox-E-Glue gains its ultimate strength through the time it takes to fully cure and the additives which make it extremely tough. Many other Epoxy Glues are very brittle when cured. The faster an Epoxy Glue cures the less strength it has and the less likely that it will be waterproof. Also fast curing epoxies have extremely volatile additives in the hardener to create a rapid exothermic reaction. Many of these are not good for your health. Carefully smell the hardener of Epox-E-Glue compared to others available and not the low odour. It is much safer to use and minimal chance of becoming hyper sensitive.

    Epox-E-Glue Kit Sizes

    Physical Property Data

    Tensile Strength 48 MPa
    Tensile Elongation 8%
    Tensile Modulus 2.58 GPa
    Flexural Strength 76 MPa
    Flexural Modulus 2.76 GPa
    Compressive Strength @ Yield 90 MPa
    Compressive Strength @ Failure 193 MPa
    Heat Distortion Temperature 50 degrees celcius
    Hardness 75 Shore D
    Shear Strength 16 MPa


The following tips will aid you in making the most of your Epox-E-Glue;

  • Use a piece of plastic to mix your Epox-E-Glue on as it will not stick to it. Ice cream containers, etc, are ideal.
  • Do not use cardboard or paper to mix the Epox-E-Glue on as it can draw the liquid out and leave a dry glue mix.
  • Use separate sticks or spoons to draw paste from each container or you will contaminate remaining hardener and resin and cause lumps in containers.
  • For small quantities use matches to draw Epox-E-Glue from each container and Paddle Pop sticks or Tongue Depressors are ideal for most jobs.
  • For larger quantities, plastic or old spoons are ideal for accurately measuring equal parts of resin and hardener.
  • Mix equal parts until a consistent colour is achieved.
  • Mask off edges of the area being glued with insulation tape or Duct Tape to contain the glue. Clean off excess glue after light clamping and remove the tape before Epox-E-Glue dries.
  • Clean off Epox-E-Glue accidentally spilt on work area with ACETONE.
  • Clean paste off hands with white vinegar, then wash with soapy water.
  • Use Eliminator Hand Cleaner as it is fantastic. (We stock this product)
  • Do NOT clamp tightly as it will squeeze the Epox-E-Glue out of the joint leaving a weak joint.
  • Epox-E-Glue loves gaps. It will not sag.
  • When gluing end grain coat with Bote Cote Epoxy Resin first to wet out the timber.
  • Immediately before gluing timber and other materials coarse sand with the grain, and especially oily timbers and Australian hardwoods.
  • Immediately before gluing metals, coarse sand and then apply mixed glue to coarse sandpaper and rub the glue into the metal to ensure it is worked into the surface.
  • Can be tinted to match timber or stone colour using Feat Watson Proof Tint.

Uses Include:

  • High strength Boat Building joints
  • Glued Joints where ultimate strength is required
  • Great for gluing bolts and studs into concrete and rocks  
  •  Ultimate strength gluing in the building industry
  • Great for gluing marble and granite bench tops.


Epox - E - Glue Testimonials "Dave - I'd forgotten I'd subscribed when we caught up at the Canberra Timber and WWW show last year - anyway, just a quick note to let you know I've made the shift from Techniglue over to E-poxy in the last few months.  Bottom line; I wish I'd done it sooner.  Dries a little whiter than the techniglue, but both are opaque so thats neither here nor there.  Amateur destructive testing on a couple of the sorts of bonds I've wanted indicate its at least as strong as other (West and CA) products I've tried.  What I love is the consistency and extra working time.  So much quicker and easier to use, the squeeze out fillets up nicely and consistently and it holds shape so much better than anything else I've tried.  The extra working time, especially fitting in and filleting the very fiddly longer pieces that follow complex curves makes the whole construction process easier, but more importantly, I end up with a better fit....that it costs less and is Australian is just a bonus." - Bob

Epox-E-Glue coloured 200gram Kits

(Pictured Right)

Developed for the Wood Work market who are not happy with the opacity/milky colour of the original EPOX-E-Glue and other epoxies who want the glue line to blend. BoatCraft has arrived at colours which are very close to hoop pine (and other similar blonde timbers) and red cedar (and other similar dark timbers). In our trials we have glued pieces of Western Red Cedar and Hoop pine and done small filleted joints using these colours and the fillets and glue lines are almost invisible. Any smear or squeeze out stains the timber, how-ever the stain disappears when the timber is clear finished.

It also has the same great advantages of the larger kits

  • In plastic containers for storage in a damp environment such as a boat without deterioration.
    Note: Most other Epoxy Glues are stored in metal containers
  • Very good value compared to the competitors
  • Indefinite Shelf Life
  • Ultimate strength glue
  • Easy 1:1 ratio mix. Most of the others are 2:1 or old formulations such as Araldite


  • Can be sent by Australia POST. Check Whitworth's/ Bias Catalogue as the others are listed as Dangerous Goods.

For further Technical Information download the Epox-E-Glue fact sheet or read the Glue Guide

Glue Guide

Ultimate Strength Glue
Great for Gap filling & where high strength required

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