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"How do I do it?"

This section of the website has been developed to show enthusiasts How To Do different projects or use Techniques we have developed to use with our various products.  The reason for this is that many of our products are unique or technologically advanced compared to those already in the marketplace.  Or we or our customers have been playing with our products and developed techniques and tips to make life easier for our customers.  

This page will be updated as we or customers provide us with new techniques or ideas on how to make life easier.  By the way, it will not have all of our Trade secrets available; for instance our instructions for successfully using Pour On Gloss will not be placed here as some of the really neat tips and techniques we have developed are only available to customers who purchase a kit. That way it provides us with a significant commercial advantage over other "Liquid Glass" finishes.

How to... Prevent Rot in Wooden Boats
An aritcle on rot in wooden boat and best advice on how to prevent it.

How to... Use Purbond
Our tips sheet developed so you can get the best results when using Purbond

How to... Get a good finish when using Aquacote
A tips sheet developed from our use of the product.

How to... Repair a Transom
A detailed set of instructions on fibreglass boat transom repair.

How to... Repair Stringer
A detailed set on instructions on how to repair fibreglass boat stringer.

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