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Overview of products:
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  • Australian made for Australian conditions
  • Easy to mix 2:1 ratio mix
  • Much safer to use than 4:1 / 5:1 mixes which contain Triethylenetetramine (TETA), therefore much less chance of becoming Hyper Sensitive
  • Does not suffer Amine Blush                                           
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  • Australia's first Water Based Marine Paints for Australian conditions
  • The WATER BASED alternative to varnish and estapol.
  • Epoxy High Build Primer that provides a tough base for Topcoating.
  • Two Pack Topcoat which is extremely tough when cured.
  • Wash out & thin using water.
  • Long life as it has excellent UV resistance (no toxic solvents  required).
  • Safe to use between decks as there are no toxic solvents added.
  • Clear AQUACOTE over Non Yellowing Bote-Cote Epoxy will provide several years clear finish without recoating.  
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  • Great for gluing all non porous surfaces (will not glue poly plastics).
  • Needs a closed joint for full strength & must be clamped.
  • Maximium strength when moisture applied to both surfaces &   
  • Will glue oily & oxidising timbers, metals, fibreglass, concrete & stone,  in fact most things except Poly plastics.(cantact us for      techniques)
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e glue
  • Ultimate High strength epoxy adhesive
  • Australia's econmical answer for joints with ultimate strength.
  • Extended working life of 40 minutes
  • Non-sagging thixotropic paste formulation which easily fills large gaps
  • Bonds strongly to most substrates & is 100% waterproof                 
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wot rot  Rot Repair Kits
  • Developed based on the Bote-Cote Epoxy Resin
  • All materials, instructions and gear you need to repair rot affected timbe                                                                          
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  • Mirror Clear finish pouring Epoxy resin ideal for Decoupage and table tops and bedding items.
  • Very high gloss finish.
  • It can be layered to built up to any depth & remain crystal clear.        
  • Also known as LIQUID GLASS.                                              
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clear system
  • Protects timber for several years in full sun without loss of gloss.
  • Uses Bote Cote Non Yellowing Epoxy resin to make timber waterproof &    AQUACOTE Topcoat to provide an excellent UV resistant and scratch resistant topcoat.                                                                                 
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Metallic copper based Epoxy anti-fouling.

  • Last 5 to 10 years with a minimal maintenance.
  • very economical when over a ten year time span.
  •  Procedure for applying to Fibreglass seals the hull and significantly reduces  the chance of OSMOSIS.              
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 Water based, rubberised, non-slip paint

  •  Easy to apply
  • Non abrasive, as synthetic rubberised grit, not glass beads.
  • Remains Non Slip, even when wet.
  • Easily Recoated
  • Soft Underfoot.                                                                        
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Polypropylene Honeycomb cored composite

  •  Light weight ~ Excellent for light weight construction
  • Exceptional resilience to impact
  • takes on a 3D shape                                                         
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Products include:

  •  Endrot ~Rot Repair and restoration Products
  • Quick Cure 5
  • T88~ Aircraft rated epoxy resin    
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Traditional fittings

  •  Deck Prisms, Navigation Lights, Oakum and Jeffries Marine Glue.
  • Heaps of Silicon bronze fittings.
  • Comprehensive Catalogue available which includes dimensions.
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Rusty Metal Primer and Convertor

  • Water Based using Tannates to convert rust.
  • Needs rust to be effective.
  • No Acid- will not affect paint or galvanising.
  • Protects for up to 12 months without painting
  • Unique no other rusty metal primer available like it - all others are acid based.   
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