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Boat Kits and Plans

DRIVE Marine can give you a taste of just how easy and enjoyable building a kit boat can be.  The benefit of building a kit boat is:

  • A great way to develop boat building techniques before taking on the big one.
  • A kit outlines what you have to do and provides you with the necessary materials.
  • If you purchase your kit boat off DRIVE Marine or one of our resellers we will provide you with as much product knowledge and guidance as necessary, we are only a phone call away.
  • Another great thing about buying a kit boat is they’re not a big dent in the bank account and it’s a project that the whole family can be involved in.
  • Plus, if you make a mistake it will not be disastrous as you can always buy a new piece/ sheet of plywood if unable to cover up a mistake and only you will know, when it is finished!
  • From a Kit or Plans you can complete something like a Joey dinghy, eureka canoe, illuka sea kayak from a few weeks to 6 months, depending on your availability to work on your project.

Our advice is to start with something small then work onto building the boat of your dreams, it can also act as your tender later on.This way you can learn on something achievable over a few weekends.
Be wary when buying or sourcing free or cheap plans from the internet, as there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • US plans are sized to fit a plywood sheet of 2440x1220 which is imperial. Australian standard for plywood is 2400x1200 (Metric). (We are able to supply Imperial size sheets of Plywood if your ideal design is from overseas).
  • Cheap or Free plans from the internet are generally sold with minimal guidance or information. Remember you get what you pay for.
  • DO NOT ignore plans from the US and Europe as there are some very good ones if you are prepared to pay $50 to $150, depending on the complexity.
  • All of our plans and kits come with instructions.

Here are just a few common plans that are suggested for your first project:

JOEY- Pram Dinghy

Joey is a lightweight pram dinghy designed for stitch and glue construction using just two sheets of plywood to make a full 2.4 m (8ft) long boat. Weighing only 20kg when finished it is an excellent tender. Now  also available as a nested dinghy. Can also be made as a sailing dinghy.
Available as plans or as Kit 
Click Here for the Brochure.

The Iluka Sea Kayak
The Iluka sea kayak is a contemporary plywood design based on the 5.2m length and 575mm beam dimensions favoured by many of the dedicated sea kayak enthusiasts. It is an excellent beginners kayak.
Only Plans Available.
Click Here for the Brochure.

Bellinger Double Chine Canoe
The Bellinger has been designed for people with no boat building experience to be able to complete in five days. This canoe design is used to teach high school students how to build a canoe and is available in 3.6m (12ft) and 4.27m (14ft) lengths.
Click here for further details.

The Eureka Canoe
This has been designed to accommodate families or a couple of mates that want to get some exercise as well as have some fun. Weighs under 20kg when finished.
Only Plans Available.
Click Here for the Brochure.

Single and Double Sea Kayaks

The Kayaks have excellent stability and the buoyant shape and cambered deck offers generous storage. These sea kayaks have been designed by well known Sydney designer David Payne. With built in buoyancy as an added safety feature they are easy to paddle and control.
Available in Kits only
Click Here for the Brochure.


Excellent Sailing dinghy for Adults and Children. With over 900 sets of plans sold, plans are available form http://www.firebug.co.nz/
We can supply all of the materials.
Click here for more info.

Mirror Dinghy
~Coming soon~
Kits will be available in Australia though DRIVE Marine Services. The Mirror was one of the worlds first Stitch N Glue sailing dinghies. The same design has been strictly controlled for over 30years and still sailed by top sailors in national and world titles. Over 70,000 mirror dinghies have been registered since their development.
Available in Kits only from DRIVE Marine
More Info Click Here

Starlight Trailor Sailor
This great little boat is perfect for both the young and not so young who are after a great coastal cruiser to go short term cruising and racing.
Available as Kits from Drive Marine
More Info Click Here

Nested Joey
Joey is an elegant lightweight pram dinghy designed for stitch and glue construction using just three sheets of plywood to make a full 2.4 m (8ft) long boat. It is available exclusively from BoatCraft Pacific either as plans including full size patterns, or as a pre-cut kit supplied ready to assemble and including all items necessary to build the boat right up to the painting stage. It is ideal as a small tender for larger craft, being suitable for rowing, sailing, or to carry a very small outboard up to 2 HP.
Available as Kits from Drive Marine
More info Click Here

David Payne Designs
David has many plans from 6 foot rowing dinghy to sea goings yachts.
DRIVE Marine supply his plans book $20.00
DRIVE Marine sell David Payne plans.
Plans range I price from $60.00 to $1100.00 depending on the complexity of the design.
More info Click Here

At DRIVE Marine Services we can support your requirements from all plan suppliers and will support you where possible.  We are unable to provide technical advice on modifying designs using different materials, this is the responsibility of the designer. We will provide excellent product support and have skills to interpret “Yank” terms and quantities and turn them into usable “Aussie” Lingo.


DRIVE Marine Services provides Good Quality products at a reasonable price
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