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The Mirror Dinghy Kits

DRIVE Marine Services has taken up a licence through the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) to supplyMirror Dinghy kits and is the only licenced supplier of wooden kits in Australia. It has proved a challenge organising the paperwork and sorting out electronic plans to turn them into CNC cutting files, especially for a Non Techno Geek like Dave Giddings. We are working through this issue with a lot of assistance from Martin Egan (UK Mirror Association) who converted the original Plans into AUTO CAD files. The other major hurdle encountered was that 5mm Gaboon, was not available in Australia, and has to be used and we have only not long ago have been able to find a good source.

Email us for more info: Bote-Cote@optusnet.com.au


Unfortunately the kits are not available yet, but we are working toward having them available by late 2015. We apologies for not having them completed at the end of 2014. We sent the ply laser cut panels to an associate in Melbourne (2014) who has built mirror dinghies before and is assembling the Prototype hull for us as he finds time. We will then have it approved by an ISAF approved Measurer which is a requirement before we can sell kits.

Below are some pictures of the prototype underway!

around the $2000.00 mark which will include everything needed to complete the hull, however there are battens etc. which have not been priced in as yet and thus pricing cannot be set in stone until the prototype is complete.

It is now priority to have kits up and running as long as the economy does not fall over as the marine market place has been extremely slow and it has been hard work keeping $$$ coming through the door.  Admittedly this is not your concern, but it all ensures we have a business that will allow us to get kits up and running in the near future. 

As soon as we have the Prototype approved, we should have kits available within six weeks.  In the meantime we have sheets of 5mm Gaboon for sale for boat owners needing to repair or replace sections.

We will keep you informed as we get closer!!

And most importantly thank you for your patience.


About the Kits

Plans for Mirror Dinghies are not available to prospective builders as Mirror dinghies are sold as Kits or finished boats. Kits are manufactured by DRIVE Marine Services under licence from ISAF (the International Sailing Federation). The Mirror Kit has all parts pre cut and ready to assemble with help from a detailed, easy to read instruction book that is supplied with each kit. To build a Mirror dinghy there are no special skills or tools required - normal household tools are just fine, (an orbital sander and an cordless drill would be a definite asset!). To build a good Mirror dinghy requires an investment of approximately 120 hours.

Each kit is made from high quality materials, the plywood for the hull is 5mm, 5 ply certified Marine Gaboon Plywood. The kit comes complete with everything needed to build the hull to the stage of painting as per the materials list. Boom, Gaff and Mast can be manufactured from timber ( we recommend using laminated hoop pine as it is sustainable) or aluminium. Also you can use Bermuda or Gaff masts and DRIVE Marine Services will provide you with information on these options and you can purchase your own materials to make you own or buy from a rigger.

There are a number of optional extras you can have on a Mirror Dinghy, including oar locks for rowing. We have the hardware- you supply the oars 2” dia x 6ft long.

It will take about 120  hours to complete building a kit to completed hull meeting specifications. DRIVE Marine Services Staff are always available to answer questions about construction details and are ready to help. The shape of the boat develops in the early stages of construction and this tends to keep up the enthusiasm and interest of active young helpers!

Once we have completed the prototype, the kit will be available by emailing or calling DRIVE Marine Services. Applicable shipping costs are extra (if you give us your shipping address we will provide you an accurate cost of shipping). Shipping takes approx. 6 to 10 days from receipt of the final payment.

Our terms of business are 50% of value of the kit with your order, with the balance due prior to shipping, including shipping costs. We anticipate Kits will normally be ready to ship approximately 3 weeks from receipt of a firm order with deposit. The only hold up may be if we are low on Plywood as it is specially made for us. In which case we will let you know at the time of ordering.

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Email us for more info: Bote-Cote@optusnet.com.au

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