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Nidaplast is an extruded polypropylene honeycomb material for use as a light weight core in composite sandwich panels. The core density is a low 80 kg/cu m. It features a non-woven polyester scrim thermofused onto each of the core faces, which provides superior bonding properties and peel strength. A polyethylene film is fused between the non-woven scrim and the honeycomb in order to minimise resin migration into the cells of the honeycomb.

The polypropylene core of Nidaplast has a Heat Deflection Temperature of 105 deg C, therefore Nidaplast composites are not prone to softening in direct sunlight. Its flexibility is beneficial in enabling curved structures to be laminated in situ, such as crowned decks, curved cabin sides, etc. It has very good impact resistance and fatigue resistance due to this flexibility.  It has marine society certification for above water use.

As a non-reticulated honeycomb there is no possibility of water penetration spreading throughout the composite subsequent to any localised damage. It is totally resistant to water, mild chemicals, and solvents. Nidaplast has excellent thermal and acoustical insulation properties, and acts as an efficient constrained layer sound damping medium.

Nidaplast cores and Coretech panels offer the most cost effective, versatile, lightest weight panels currently available for marine and transport applications.

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