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Filler Powders

Filler Powders are added to liquid Bote-Cote epoxy to thicken it to use it as a gap filling glue, or as a putty for filling holes and depressions or for filleting.  It is also used to make a paste which can be smoothed over an uneven surface to allow sanding to a truly smooth finish once it hardens.  These filling powders make epoxy more useful by altering its strength, texture, sandability, colour and whether it remains where it is put or runs out of the gaps before it goes hard.

Bote-Cote filler powders are provided in three grades.
Sanding Filler~ Light-weight and Easy to Sand for fairing
Gluing and Filleting Filler~ For General Gluing and making fillets
High Strength Filler~ For those ultra strong joints

All normally have a brown tint added to reduce finished paint colour variability due to imperfect paint cover and opacity.  All BoatCraft fillers are blended from 6 or more ingredients.  This is to make mixing and wetting the filler powder more efficient, to protect our users health and to assist our users to achieve a good finish to their work.
There is a good information in the Bote Cote Book on using the Filler Powders.

The image to the left shows filler used in the stitch and glue construction of a Joey dinghy.

The graphic to the right shows a steel yacht hull which has been abrasive blasted, sealed with two coats of BOTE-COTE Epoxy Resin, then the hull faired with BOTE-COTE Epoxy Resin thickened with sanding filler to peanut butter consistency then sanded. AQUACOTE Epoxy Primer was then rolled onto the surface to protect it until the owner is ready to paint the hull with AQUACOTE Top Coat.
Policy Statement: Fillers and Powders.
As a matter of corporate policy, BoatCraft Pacific does not make available for sale to the general public a number of raw material filler products, including aerated silicas, hollow glass spheres, pvc balloons, wood flour or cotton flox. We are aware that these products are available from, and are advertised under various names, by some other suppliers. We view the practice of selling these materials with concern.
Our reasons for this policy are twofold.
First and most importantly, some of these products present considerable dust hazard. Whilst they are not currently classified as physiologically harmful, the silica dusts generated from handling them greatly exceeds all international regulations for atmospheric dusts. Certainly it is very unpleasant for the user, both directly, and later whenever the dust is disturbed. Certain forms of silica cause Silicosis, a disease closely related to Asbestosis and lung cancer.
Secondly, to obtain optimum and predictable properties in filled epoxy resins, carefully controlled mixtures of fillers are required to provide the necessary balance of thickening, stiffness, strength, weight, spreadability, colour etc. We are concerned that the inconsistent properties of glues made up from uncontrolled mixtures will lead to mechanical failure and loss of the boat or worse.
BoatCraft Pacific manufactures three formulated filler powder mixtures to cover boat building requirements. All contain dust suppressants. While they don’t eliminate dust entirely, these formulated fillers generate far less dust than the raw materials. These fillers contain no organic materials which can lead to moisture absorbtion or softening under moderate high temperature conditions. They provide complete uniformity of properties throughout the job, rather than changing on a mix to mix basis.
These products, High Strength Filler, Glue and Filleting Filler and Sanding Filler, are the only filler products which will be sold to general users of the Bote-Cote epoxy system.
We value our users health and their welbeing.

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