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Kookaburra Restoration

Kookaburra is an iconic speedboat which was a prominent sight on Sydney Harbour during the 1950's and 60's.  She is now under the care of the Sydney Heritage Fleet and is currently being restored by a dedicated team of volunteers under the watchful and extremely experienced eye of Alan Stannard.  The hull has been sealed in Bote-Cote Epoxy Resin inside and out to stabilise the timber as Kookaburra will be stored on a trailer.  The aim is to take her to Wooden Boat Festivals to show off and take paying passengers on joy rides/nostalgic trips. 

The Bote Cote Epoxy Resin System was selected by Alan Stannard after Dave Giddings visited the Sydney Heritage Fleet and saw a complicated procedure listed on the project notice board for a solvent based epoxy system which is 60% solvent and based on old technology.  Besides only densifying timber it is also a waste of money and absolutely no good for the environment which is expained by reading our information sheets on Timber Saturation, Solvents in Epoxy and Hypersensitivity to Epoxy.  Bote Cote Marine Epoxy System is based on modern technology which is much safer for the user and environment to use.  For further info on the Kookaburra check out the Sydney Heritage Fleet website for details.  Below is a short video on U-TUBE which was produced by the Sydney Heritage Fleet of the Kookaburra underway on Sydney Harbour.


Bow of Kookaburra prior to restoration
Looking sad before restoration commenced.

Stripping back the hull. Many hours of sanding. Remember it is 90% preparation and 10% application!

More of the preperation.

External area preparation well under way.

Inside bilge area coated with Bote-Cote tinted with white epoxy pigment.

Kookaburra at 2012 Sydney Boat Show. Exterior sealed with Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy System.
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