COP-R-BOTE Application Instructions

If single pack antifoul is already applied it must be removed before the following procedure can proceed.  DRIVE Marine promotes and sells Soy Gel and Soy Strip which are safe to use and will not damage gelcote.

Masked up ready to sand. Sanding the centre board with 80 Grit wet sanding pads with soapy water. Wash off with soapy water after sanding and before applying 2 coats of BOTE COTE Marine epoxy resin.
Coarse sanding the hull with random orbital sander before applying two coats of BOTE COTE Marine epoxy resin. Apply 2 coats of BOTE COTE epoxy resin on all underwater areas using wet on wet technique. Sand back epoxy resin to smooth off and remove all gloss. Then wash off with soapy water.
CRB inadequately sanded
Roll on 2 coats of Cop-R-Bote with an extra coat on leading edges using wet on wet technique.
Do Not apply it to thick or it will sag.
Finished surface after two coats of Cop-R-Bote has been applied. Burnish the surface by wet N Dry sanding until copper colour is present on 80% of the surface.  
Note: Sanding shown above is inadequate.

Final Sanding finish Graphic to be added.

The smoother the burnishing the better even go to 320 -400 grit for ideal finish.

  The Finished Job  
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