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125 Dinghy Restoration

A few impressive before-and-after photos of a very proud customer's 125 sailing dinghy. This customer had no previous boat building experience and said "it has been great being able to use your product knowledge to help me through this process." In his steep learning curve using Bote Cote and Aquacote, he was "very pleased with the finished results" and "would not hesitate in carrying out any repair on any timber craft in the future."

Cockpit area before restoration
Note the varnish breakdown and discolouration.

The topsides prior to restoration
All vanish and verdigree was removed using stripper and sanding before sealing all timber with Bote Cote Marine Epoxy Resin

Hull before restoration
Note again the varnish breakdown and discolouration due to exposure to moisture

"I was very impressed with toughness of the paintwork on the deck. When stepping the mast for the first time, it slipped and dropped onto the deck vertically, which put a dent in the timber and skidded across the nice shiny surface, leaving a slight mark, most of the mark was erased with just rubbing my finger on the mark...Wow."

Hull undercoated with Aquacote water based undercoat with red pigment added
The undercoat sets extremely hard after about four days. Therefore plan to sand it within two days of application.
The reason for having a tough base is to make the top coat extremely scratch resistant as explained in the next photo!

Cockpit timberwork coated with 3 coats Bote Cote with non yellowing hardner then sanded to at least 240 grit sand paper. Then 3 coats of
clear Aquacote = Clear system

'Cloud 9' the complete product!
The complete cockpit clear finished using our clear system, and completely made over.
Note the shine in the timber

Hull from starboard side showing off red Aquacote finish Good as new, if not better!
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