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Ross' Sandy Strait 14'

Ever had the desire to own/build a plywood bike follow this to find out how...

Transom Repair

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Check out this to see how easy it is to go from a novice to a near pro in transom repair.  Still waiting on the customer to finish the job as they got sidetracked with work.

Community Youth Project!

Check out these boats made by disadvantaged youth and High School students under community youth programs.

Year 12 Sailing Dinghy 2011
One of our many Year 12 customers who built a sailing dinghy. The student was at Picnic Point High School and had a very good teacher. His mum became a regular visitor when he came to pick up more materials and advice.

And now he works for us part time.

125 Dinghy Restoration
This customer had no previous boat building experience and said "it has been great being able to use your product knowledge to help me through this process." In his steep learning curve using Bote Cote and Aquacote, he was "very pleased with the finished results" and "would not hesitate in carrying out any repair on any timber craft in the future."

Boat Building lessons from a Novice
Allan Charlton purchased a set of cheap plans from a US designers web site and being a novice, purchased some poor quality metric marine plywood (no name, no court marshal). The following link is a well written article by Allan which I recommend all first time boat builders read before commencing their project.

Firebug Construction
The 'Firebug' is a 2.4 metre (8 foot) sailboat designed by New Zealander John Spencer. Firebugs are becoming more popular in Australia and are raced, as well as for pleasure. DRIVE Marine Services is a recommended supplier of materials and has a cutting list which enables us to cut the plywood into shippable sizes or to pick up with your car.

Joansa Construction

Rick Fletcher has built a very professional rowing skiff and he recorded each step pictorially. They can be found on his website.

12ft Runabout finished with Aquacote and Clear System
"I found all your Aquacote products too be great and thanks for your help and information I got from you. I have been out in the water and goes great."
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Pour on Gloss Burl

My Wife acquired this burl at the Newcastle Wood tTurners show in 2009. I then proceeded to turn it into a coffee table using POUR ON GLOSS on the proviso I could take it to the Timber and Working With Wood shows to brag about how clever I am and show off POG.

Building a Joey Dinghy
Built during the 2005 Sydney International Boat Show by members of the NSW Wooden Boat Association.  The Joey is an elegant light weight pram dinghy designed for stitch and glue construction using just two sheets of plywood.
It is great for rowing, sailing and can take a small outboard motor.


Miles Bore has built this unique vessel for use on lake Macquarie, NSW.
Miles used all materials supplied by DRIVE Marine Services from the Pacific Maple Plywood to the Bote-Cote Epoxy resin that holds her together to the Aquacote paint system to finish her off.

RANSA Door Repairs

The Heritage boatshed doors at the RAN Sailing Association were looking sad with Rot gaining hold in the lower parts.  Using Wot Rot Repair techniques they are now looking like new saving some beautiful cedar and oregan which is irreplaceable today.

Strip Plank Kayaks using Bote Cote

Several customers have completed strip plank kayaks using materials supplied by DRIVE Marine Services. These are a couple of examples of what customers can achieve over time.


Spray Painting AQUACOTE

"All in all, I'm pretty happy with the result.  Spraying has less fear now than before - in fact, the big advantage is the speed - all over in 2 hours"

Restored speed boat

This speed Boat was loviningly restored by a customer at Cessnock. After Stripping off all of the old paint, he then sealed the timber inside and out using three(3) coats of Bote-Cote epoxy resin. Painted the inside with Aquacote and used our Clear System outside.

Speed boat - Yr 12 Woodwork Project

This speed boat was built from scratch using hoop Pine Marine Ply, Bote Cote Epoxy resin and Top coated with Aquacote water based Polyurethane.
Charlie selected our products due to their sustainability and environmental safety, as well as our customer service.

Building a Cozy Ultralight Aircraft using PeelPly

Kevin Dove is building a cosy Ultra light in his garage and we introduced him to Peelply which has saved him many hours of sanding and improved the strength & finish of glassed surfaces as well as minimising weight.

The Ugly Ducking

The ugly Ducking was an abandoned fibreglass boat and Ralph sought our advice on whether it could be resurrected.  Here is the result of his labour using Bote-Cote to repair her and AQUACOTE Paints to make her look beautiful.  Five years on and she is still going strong.


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