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John's Musical Instruments

One of our customers makes solid timber musical instruments using our products. They are masterpieces of skilled craftsmanship. He is a school teacher who teaches music. He occupied his holidays developing these woodworking masterpieces.

He uses our aquacote water based polyurethane paint to clearcoat all of his intruments. He is achieving much better results than previously used products from a pressure pack. Also he is amazed at how easy it is to apply and achieve an extremely tough finish. He usually buffs the Aquactoe once fully cured to a glass smooth finish. John selected clear Aquacote for safety reasons as he was concerned with health issues.

  John's latest project is an acoustic guitar and the neck (above) is finished with aquacote and then polished with tuning keys fitted.
  This is the shaped body (above) of the guitar ready for aquacote. It has been carved from a solid piece of Aussie Cedar. As it is a fairly open grained timber it will probably take six (6) to eight (8) coats of aquacote to fill the grain and provide a mirror finish.  

(left and right)
The right shows the rear of the mandalin with guitar neck alongside to provide an indication of size.

  Another one of John's intruments is called a Ukalale Bass. It has poly rubber strings and John has been approached on more than one occasion asking "where is the bass?"

  It never ceases to amaze me where and when our products will be used. I was blown away by the outstanding workmanship in these musical instruments.  
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