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2011 Year 12 Project

The photographs in this page show the build progress from plans to finished sailing dinghy. He was at Picnic Point High School and had a very good teacher. His mum was a regular visitor when he came to pick up more materials.

Builders Comments:
'Research was done through a couple of books, but they were very old school, so the internet was utilised the most as it was up to date and could be accessed whenever and wherever. Knowledgeable folks also were sort after for knowledge and information throughout the build.

I chose the plans because: -
  1. It was a sailing boat (I didn't really want to build a fast motor boat as a bodgy joint somewhere could end catastrophically)
  2. It was a cat rigger (as sloops were more expensive to purchase the sails)
  3. It had a deck (I wanted a deck to show timber)
  4. It had storage area under the deck
  5. The plans came printed (so I didn't have to worry about printing)
  6. The online store also sold the sail for the specific design.
  7. Time (I was rushed for time from the word go, so I could not research or compare as much as I would have liked)
I chose the interior design based on research of other sailing boats. Although many designs/ideas were changed throughout the construcition as time, money and other factors all had to be considered. (I think the seats were the only originally designed pieces)."

Partial Frame Frame Construction
The frame under construction

Completed Frame

Plywood half stitched and frame
Frame Stitched cockpit layout

Plywood Stiched to frame with cable ties

The cockpit fitted out

Jarrah & Ash laid deck over ply - glued down with purbond




Deck sealed with 3 coats of Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy Resin then 3 coats of Clear Aquacote  
The Finished Job!!
Completed Project
On Display at year 12 presentaion
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