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This trailer sits outside continuously and for many years was unloved as shown in the top four photos. It was structually sound but rust was taking hold and needed sorting out before it became a point of no return!
Follow the sequence to recovery and making the old girl look beautiful with many more years of faithful service.

First step is to wash down with hot soapy water and hard bristle or wire brush to remove loose rust and paint, along with all traces of grease and grime.
Next, hose off and while damp work FERONITE RUSTY METAL PRIMER into springs and lap joints. This slows the drying of feronite rusty metal primer and allows it to work into joints and convert rust... apply a 2nd coat before it dries off.
The galvanising on the floor was dying and it recieved the same treatment. FERONITE RUSTY METAL PRIMER will not affect galvanise like other phosphoric acid based rusty metal treatments, therefore it is great for treating corroded roofs and other surfaces.
Rust was a real problem due to lapped joints filling with dirt and staying moist. FERONITE RUSTY METAL PRIMER solved the rusting.
Floor of trailer after two coats of FERONITE RUSTY METAL PRIMER and first coat of TREDGRIP WATER BASED NON SLIP PAINT being applied.
Floor painted with 3 coats of TREDGRIP by foam roller.
Three years on and still going strong!
This tralier gets used for carting anything and everything in it, from furniture to refrigerators, kitchen and laundry cupboards. As the TREDGRIP is not abrasive it helps look after melamine and timber surfaces.
Give your trailer a new life and shock the neighbour who will think you bought a new trailer.
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