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Got a rot Problem? We have the solution!

Timber Preserver gives timber protection against fungal degrade and some species of woodborers. more info

AUSSIE CLEAR is an oil based Exterior Timber Finish that protects hardwoods from the weather.  Its penetrative quality allows the enhancement of the natural grain and beauty resulting in a natural oiled look. more info

NO-ROT is a unique solid wood preservative used for the internal treatment of timber.  It will stop and prevent rot and white ant attack. more info.

No-Rot Gel is a ready to use, water based brush on wood preservative, to control the spread of decay. more info

ROTFIX is a mixture of glycol and salts of boron.  It is able to readily diffuse into moist timber and is the ideal way to stop Rot until the timber can be dried properly to carry out a permanent repair. more info

The WOT ROT KIT was developed by DRIVE Marine Services to undertake rot repairs. In most cases it contains everything you need to repair & eliminate rot.  If you go through it all for a large application, you will have a good idea of what you will require to finish the job.  It is based on the Bote-Cote epoxy system.
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Restore Timber
D-Mould Mouldicide

GREY DECK CLEANER is a powerful wood cleaner, ideal for cleaning grey or blackened timber caused by weathering.
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D-Mould is a powerful, water-based mouldicide that is environmentally safe.  It has been designed to protect and clean most exterior surfaces from unsightly mould and algae growth that is the cause of blackening, discolouration and slipperiness of these surfaces. more info

'Wet Rot', Dry Rot... NO Rot!
The term 'wet rot' in timber is a misnomer - rot is caused by microbial organisms consuming the lignin component of the timber, but they are only active in the presence of sufficient water and oxygen.  Rot organisms require at least 18% moisture content to survive.  "Dry" timber normally contains about 12% moisture content, so the organisms are inactive and only propagate when the timber becomes saturated with fresh water.
 Wooden boats in Salt water are protected from rot and it is a time proven practice to throw a couple of buckets of salt water in the bilge regularly to ensure rot is kept at bay.

For further information on the various forms of rot check out the following:

  1. Dry Rot
  2. Wet Rot
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