Marine Coating Remover Paint & Urethane Removal

  • Will not soften or melt gel coat
  • Safe, hardworking stripper for marine coatings and antifouling
  • Non-evaporative so you can work at your leisure
  • Easy clean-up, rinses clean with water
  • Easy to use gel, holds on vertical surfaces
  • Non-toxic to marine life and environment until scraped off - the paint removed is toxic
  • Much safer to use than traditional antifoul remover
  • Will not soften gel coat
Product overview

Want a better way to remove paints, urethanes, acrylics, epoxies, and enamels without the back-breaking work of sanding and chiseling?

Made from 100% American Grown Soybeans, SOY Gel does all that and more. Throw out the sand paper and put away the knee pads. Just put some SOY Gel on the coating to be removed, allowing you to work on another project. Let SOY Gel do the work, not you! Within minutes you can see the power of SOY Gel start to lift the coatings, all while you spend time on other tasks.

Not sure how many coats need to be removed? SOY Gel doesn't care. One coat, five coats, twenty coats, SOY Gel will remove them all and leave you smiling. In addition SOY Gel goes a long way, with one litre giving you up to 4.8/sq/mtr. coverage. That's THREE times the coverage of most traditional strippers!! With SOY Gel you won't have to deal with harsh odors that we all know so well with other strippers. No odor SOY Gel is the perfect helper for anyone wanting to remove paints, urethanes, and enamels.

Easily Remove MULTIPLE LAYERS of
Paints, Urethanes, Concrete hard surface sealers, Acrylics, Epoxies - single and two part (two part solid count must be lower than 40%)

The SOY Gel is industrial strength and consumer friendly paint, varnish, and urethane removers made from soybeans.  The low evaporation rate of the SOY Gel formulation makes it possible to remove several layers of paint in one application.

During the removal of lead based paint and antifoul, lead toxins are encapsulated in the gel.  This prevents airborne lead toxin particles, allowing for safe and easy disposal.

The SOY Gel contains no methylene chloride, is not an alkaline based stripper and cleans up easily with water. Unlike more traditional paint strippers, the Soy Gel lets you work without the odour and corrosive chemicals which are detrimental to the human body. Indoors or outdoors, you can be guaranteed a safe restoration process with our SOY Gel remover.

Available by the litre in containers from 1 Litre to 20 Litre

Antifoul Removal Video

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