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MetlWeld is a super tough epoxy adhesive designed to bond dissimilar materials such as steel to wood. MetlWeld exhibits excellent elastic properties and superior bond strength while remaining rigid.  MetlWeld will bond to stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, copper, glass, ceramic, neoprene rubber and most porous surfaces.


EndRot Kit
EndRot Kit contains all the components you need to complete a typical repair to a window or door severely damaged by rot, weather, and sun.

Rot Fix
Rot Fix is an easy to use, low viscosity epoxy wood sealer, primer, and consolidant for repair and restoration of rotted, deteriorated, dried out or spongy wood. RotFix is a component of The EndRot System. It creates a, sound, waterproof base for repair and restoration filler putty.

Quick Cure-5
Quick Cure-5 is the standard quick setting "five minute epoxy" system. Mix at a 1:1 by volume ratio.  Quick Cure is ideal for all small jobs requiring a strong bond and rapid cure.  Quick Cure is highly water resistant but not waterproof.  Quick Cure is quite thick, but is easily measured by squeezing equal sized lumps from the convenient application bottles.

T-88 Structural Epoxy Adhesive
T-88 is a high-performance, non-brittle, two-part epoxy adhesive designed to give superior results under adverse conditions.  The adhesive may be used without modification in normally fitted joints, and will cure in any thickness without shrinkage.  T-88 is clear amber and becomes virtually invisible when overcoated.  T-88 exhibits outstanding adhesion and permanence on a wide variety of materials. T-88 is approved for use when building or repairing aircraft.               More info


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