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Traditional boat building products

Jeffery's No.2 Black Marine Glue

This traditional product, now owned by Davey & Company, has been the premier choice for traditional deck seaming around the world for decades. Still produced in England from the original formula, it is as reliable today as throughout the last century. It will adhere tenaciously to the seam for many years, remaining flexible in low temperatures and withstanding softening at high temperatures. To apply, once carefully heated to a working temperature of around 190 degrees C (370 degrees F) it can be poured onto the prepared seams. Two applications are needed to ensure that all steam and air are released. Average usage 1kg to 10 metre run. Part No. 5025/00/0125 12.5 kg (27lbs)
Part No. 5025/00/025 25.0 kg (55 lbs)

Best navy oakum steeped in Stockholm Tar. Generally used for caulking below the waterline, due to its high durability.
Part No. 1569/00/04 4 kg coil
Part No. 1569/00/12 12 kg bale

Caulking Cotton
Soft, top quality caulking cotton made up of 8 strands totalling an uncompressed diameter of approximately (8mm). Supplied in balls of kilo.
Part No. 1570


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