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Have  you  always  thought  Building  a  Boat / carrying out  your  own  repairs  or  fit out  was  too  difficult?

Building your own boat can be easy and enjoyable.  The skills you gain will provide great satisfaction. 

The money you could save doing your own repairs and renovations / Fit out and or fittings could save you $1000’s and provide a high level of pride in completing your own project.

It could also be extremely difficult and frustrating if the design selected is too difficult for your skill level.  There are several pit falls for the unwary.

A series of seminars have been developed by DRIVE Marine Services to help the average person to get started and have an enjoyable and rewarding experience building / repairing or fitting out their own boats. 

Dave Giddings presents these seminars and has a wealth of knowledge in the field of Marine Engineering and mucking around with boats.  He has a great love of sailing and enjoys being on the water, whether it be racing, cruising , maintaining or adding to his pride and joy, “SYLVARA”.  Dave was in the RAN for 22 years starting out as an apprentice Fitter & Machinist which progressed through to Marine Engineer.  This led to gaining a passion for the sea and during shore service learned to sail.

His other past time is Scouting and when some canoes had to be repaired, he looked around for a safe and user friendly product to repair and paint them.  He was so impressed with the result and the ease of application of BOTE-COTE Marine Epoxy System and AQUACOTE that he continued to use the BoatCraft Product range and when the opportunity arose to Distribute the Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy System and Aquacote products in the Sydney area he jumped at it.

Now it is a matter of passing the word and showing new comers and Old Salts alike the merits of using the Bote-Cote Marine Epoxy System to carry out their boat building and maintenance tasks.  To date Three Seminars have been developed as the prime areas required to bring people up to date on how easy it is to gain satisfaction and save $$$$$’s building or maintaining / repairing your own boat.  These are;

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