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  • TREDGRIP is a high build, water based acrylic copolymer which has crosslinked non-abrasive crumbed rubber particles incorporated providing excellent non skid properties.  It exceeds Australian Standards for Non-Slip Coatings and has high elasticity and very good tensile strength making it an ideal coating for boats.  It will not take skin off feet and hands if a person trips, unlike non skid paints containing solids.
  • TREDGRIP is hardwearing & decorative when renovating exterior areas on boats, around pools, factory / warehouse floors, decking stairways, steps and walkways.
  • TREDGRIP remains permanently flexible and will cover hairline cracks.
  • TREDGRIP can be applied indoors or outdoors to timber, plywood, GRP / Fibreglass, metal or concrete surfaces.
  • TREDGRIP is strong & tough and has excellent weathering stability.
  • TREDGRIP is the easily applied anti-slip coating by the DIY or professional.

Tredgrip on Cabin Top Tredgrip on Step Cockpit work in progress

  • TREDGRIP can be used in wet areas.
    TREDGRIP is acid & solvent resistant.
  • TREDGRIP can be easily touched up to restore its original appearance.
  • TREDGRIP covers approximately 5-6 square metres per litre
  • TREDGRIP is available in 18 matt finish colours and is suitable for interior and exterior areas (although the colours below do not show the textured feel of Tredgrip).
  • TREDGRIP is also available to be tinted to the colour of your choice in any of the Dulux exterior paints colours. There is a $10.00 mixing fee for non standard colours
  • TREDGRIP can be painted directly onto cleaned surfaces or it can be applied over an undercoat.  At least two coats are recommended.
  • TREDGRIP is manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.
  • Colour chart with standard colours available upon request.

Tredgrip Frequently Asked Questions
CSL Deck Restoration Brochure

CSL Deck Restoration

The crane stores lightere deck was previously painted with a two pack epoxy paint which had pulled away from the undercoat and cracked when heavy loads were placed on the deck. As a result the steel deck was exposed to salt water and resulted in sever rusting in places. The deck was painted with three (3) coats of tredgrip as detailed in the CSL Deck Restoration Brochure above.

The crew have reported that the Tredgrip is superior to the previous coating as:

  • the deck handles heavy loads better as the tredgrip has good flexibility and very good adhesion.
  • it is easy to repair if damaged.
  • superior slip resistance even when wet.
  • cooler then the previous coating as synthetic rubber is the non slip medium not silicates which tend to draw in heat.

Area mechanically abraded to remove defective epoxy coating to undercoat and rusty areas treated with feronite (the dark patches).

Completed deck after three (3) coats of Tredgrip. This project was carried out by the crew inbetween assignments and saved the operators
approx. $20, 000 and loss of a servicable vessel for at least two weeks.

Painted deck with three (3) coats of tredgrip. Crew have reported that the tredgrip is superior to previous coatings.

The crew were so impressed with the ease of the Tredgrip application that they painted all of the upper deck fittings which could be a slip hazard.
Note: Grey hatch covers and comings

Even the slewing weight was painted with three coats of Tredgrip. This removed a hazard as it was previously difficult to hold once wet.

The machinery space deck plates were rusty steel and difficult to keep clean. This problem was solved by degreasing, applying two coats of feronite rusty metal primer and then three coats of Tredgrip.
This has made the machinery space a safer place to work in due to the elimination of a serious slip hazard. It has also brightened up the area and made it easier to keep clean.

Fibreglass Non Slip Deck Restoration

The non slip area around the mast on this Clansman had severly deteriorated with considerable damage. Also the crew had been complaining that it was difficult to work safely at the mast when the deck was wet.

Enlarge this photo taken before Tredgrip was applied to see damaged areas.
(Click image to enlarge)

Deck masked up ready for painting.
Note: The multiple small pieces of masking tape at the corners and then trimmed to follow the radius.

Three coats of Wheatfield colour Tredgrip applied.
Note: Once driedcut around the edge of the masking tape to leave a shape edge when removed.

The non slip area was later repainted with Sand colour Tredgrip as the Wheatfield was too dark. Tredgrip is easy to recoat if damaged as it sticks really well to itself.

The cockpit seat areas were also in poor condition.
Note: The dark coloured circles (psuedo portholes) in the non slip were built into the moulding to allow light to penetrate into the quarter berth.

After the final coat of Tredgrip has dried (usually within two to three hours). Run a sharp bladed knife around the edge of the masking tape otherwise when the tape is removed it will leave rough edges.

In this photo you will see the Tredgrip has easily covered and levelled where the psuedo portholes were previously visible.

Tredgrip is applied as a thick coating and is great for filling in cracks and damaged gel coat.
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