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Products for use by Woodworkers & Builders

Many of the BoatCraft Pacific products have application for people in the building trade and wood workers in general, Aquacote Water Based Solution to Varnish & Estapol, 1:1 Epox-E-Glue, Purbond single pack polyurethane glue, Clear System long life exterior clear coating system, WotRot Rot Repair Kit, Silicon Bronze and Copper fasteners and Marine Ply.

 DRIVE Marine Services attends the Sydney Timber and Working With Wood Show and other regional wood working exhibitions promoting the BoatCraft range of products, many have application in construction and wood working with the most prominent product being our long lasting clear finish in full sun without loss of gloss, that is Australia’s best kept secret.  The Clear System is based on the Bote-Cote non yellowing epoxy resin which is applied with three coats over timber, allowed to dry then sanded to remove all gloss to (320-400 grit finish).  Then Aquacote clear is applied until a desired gloss is achieved. For high gloss finishes this can be up to three or four coats (which can be applied in one day). The Aquacote is also a great waterbased solution to varnish and estapols, tried, proven and sold to schools for this exact purpose. Two other big sellers in the woodworking and construction industry is our 1:1 Epox-E-Glue and our self foaming polyurethane glue Purbond.

Summary of products and applications for use in the construction industry and for wood working projects are listed below.

-  Australian made for Australian conditions
-  Easy to mix 2:1 ratio mix
-  Much safer to use than 4:1 / 5:1 mixes which contain isocyonates,     therefore much less chance of becoming Hyper Sensitive
-  Does not suffer Amine Blush
                                                          more info

-  Australia's first Water Based Marine Paints for Australian conditions
-  The WATER BASED alternative to varnish and estapol.
Epoxy High Build Primer that provides a tough base for Topcoating.
-  Two Pack Topcoat which is extremely tough when cured.
-  Wash out & thin using water.
-  Long life as it has excellent UV resistance (no toxic solvents  required).
-  Safe to use between decks as there are no toxic solvents added.
-  Clear AQUACOTE over Non Yellowing Bote-Cote Epoxy will provide    several years clear finish without recoating.                                   more info

-  Great for gluing all non porous surfaces (will not glue poly plastics).
-  Needs a closed joint for full strength & must be clamped.
-  Maximium strength when moisture applied to both surfaces &                    
-  Will glue oily & oxidising timbers, metals, fibreglass, concrete &                
   stone,  in fact most things except Poly plastics.(cantact us for                    
   techniques)                                                                                    more info

  - Ultimate High strength epoxy adhesive
- Australia's econmical answer for joints with ultimate strength.
-  Extended working life of 40 minutes
-  Non-sagging thixotropic paste formulation which easily fills large gaps
-  Bonds strongly to most substrates & is 100% waterproof
         more info

 Rot Repair Kits
- Developed based on the Bote-Cote Epoxy Resin
- All materials, instructions and gear you need to repair rot affected            
   timber                                                                                             more info

pourongloss -  Mirror Clear finish pouring Epoxy resin ideal for Decoupage and table    tops and bedding items.
-  Very high gloss finish.
-  It can be layered to built up to any depth & remain crystal clear.                 
-  Also known as LIQUID GLASS.                                                       more info

-  Protects timber for several years in full sun without loss of gloss.
-  Uses Bote Cote Non Yellowing Epoxy resin to make timber waterproof &    AQUACOTE Topcoat to provide an excellent UV resistant and scratch
   resistant topcoat.                                                                            more info

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