Door Rot Repair
It did not look too bad until a screwdriver was pushed into the degraded area   The resultant cavity was the size of a cricket ball or larger and extremely wet. The exterior of the door where the rot had taken hold was still solid.
Once the majority of rotten material was dug out, a hair dryer was used to warm the timber to express enough moisture for the Bote-Cote Epoxy Resin to stick. Hair dryer beavering away to expel moisture. In this case it was important to keep direct heat away from the glass. Once the timber was dry in the cavity the Wot Rot Repair Kit was opened. Bote-Cote Expoxy Resin was mixed with TPRDA and hole was wet out all round until the timber was saturated. Once saturated gluing and filleting filler was mixed into Bote-Cote and the hole filled.
Once the hole was completely full and the epoxied area was sealed with 'duct' tape to hold it in shape.   The screwdriver was pulled out and a check of the other doors revealed rotten timber in the bottom corners of all doors. Although, no where as serious as the door describe above.
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